13 Ways To Save Money On A Low Income

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You Can Still Save Money On A Low Income

When you’re living on a small income, it can be especially hard to save money for things like an emergency fundcollegeretirementcars, or anything else.  We all have our lean times financially, but even in those lean times you can still find ways to save money for the future needs of you and your family, such as college and retirement. I truly believe that even if you have a low income, you can still save money if you’re diligent about the process.

Buy Used Stuff

Buy everything you can used, such as used cars, used electronics, used furniture, clothing, etc.  You’d be surprised at the great deals you can find on stuff that’s hardly been used.  Sometimes you will find “open box” items that haven’t been used, but can’t be sold as new because the packaging has been damaged or opened.  I get some killer deals on EBay on this kind of merchandise all the time. I always buy used cars, and I’ve even been known to shop at Goodwill and at yard sales.  I’ve gotten $100 shirts for $4 at Goodwill and $250 shoes for $45 (worn only once!) on Ebay.

 Believe it or not, my wife even picked up a beautiful set of wrought iron and glass shelves that someone had set out for the garbage collector that had absolutely nothing wrong with it.  They just didn’t want it anymore and were too lazy to give it away or sell it (price = FREE!). There are incredible deals out there for most anything you want or need, you just have to know where to look.  Never pay full price if you don’t have to!
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