15 Ways To Save Money In College

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Use these life hacks to avoid going broke while in school.

1. Shop Generic.

You’re in college. You don’t need to live high off the hog. That’s for when you go home on break and when you’re rolling in the dough during retirement.

2. Ditch Your Car.

Take the bus. The real risk here is catching an illness from one of the locals sleeping in the backseat, so the only question is, is risking an emergency room visit better than a tank of gas? I’d say yes.

3. Win A Contest.

You know all those pop-ups telling you that you could win $5,000 a week for life that come up as you’re researching the topic of your paper in the library? SIGN UP. Imagine what you could do with 5 grand a week…

Be wary of looming viruses when clicking these pop-ups. 

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