63 Quick Tips to Save Money in College

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Investing in a coffeemaker and a travel mug can save you big bucks if you start brewing at home.

We know college is expensive, and every little bit you can save helps. That’s why we’ve put together a list of quick tips to save money in school:

Tuition & College Costs

1. Meet with your advisor regularly to plan your class schedule. This will help ensure that you’re taking the right classes at the right time — some classes you need might only be offered during a certain semester — and keep you from taking unneeded classes that don’t count toward graduation.

2. Know the fees associated with the classes you’re taking. Some courses might have higher fees because of the special equipment used or for other reasons. If it isn’t required, consider a more affordable course.

3. Apply for scholarships offered by your college and other organizations.

4. Fill out the FAFSA, the Federal Application for Student Aid, to see what types of financial aid you can qualify for.

5. Borrow your textbooks from your college’s library or a local library.

6. If you can’t borrow your books, try to buy them used at a secondhand bookstore or online before buying them new.

7. Keep your books in good condition so you can sell them when you no longer need them.

8. Consider attending a less-expensive school. In general, public colleges cost less than private colleges, and in-state tuition is lower than out-of-state.

9. Consider attending a community college your first two years to save money and reduce your student loans before transferring to a four-year school.

10. If you’re headed home for summer and not taking classes at your college, take a few classes at a local community college if they’re cheaper than at your college.

11. When taking a course at a college other than the one you plan to graduate from, confirm that the course credits transfer to your college and count toward graduation.

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