How To Financially Prepare For Having Twins, Even If You Don’t Have Beyoncé Money

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This story originally appeared on LearnVest as “Beyoncé, Amal—and You?

Sure, all the celebs are doing it.

But how do you make your budget work when you’re expecting twins and don’t have the endless resources of Beyoncé or Amal? Even if you’ve been careful with money all your life, meeting the needs of two babies at once can be a big challenge.

But don’t panic: There are lots of ways to save more and spend wisely. We asked financial pros and parents of twins—and financial pros who are parents of twins—for their best tips. Here’s what they told us:

Start Building Your Cash Stash

You may find out you’re having twins as early as 10 weeks, leaving you time to start building a bigger cushion. When personal finance blogger Catherine Alford learned she was having twins, “I stepped up my freelance writing to boost my income,” she says. “My husband was in medical school so he couldn’t work more, but just through my extra freelance and by cutting out optional purchases, we put aside an extra $10,000.”

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