Mark Cuban: Billionaires have these 3 skills—and anyone can learn them

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Mark Cuban remembers the exact moment he became a billionaire, and how he celebrated. He did a “little naked billionaire dance,” and bought himself a plane.

The “Shark Tank” investor and technology entrepreneur is the first to admit that reaching billionaire status has a lot to do with a fortunate twist of fate. “Being a billionaire requires a lot of luck, a lot of great timing,” Cuban says during an interview on “The Jamie Weinstein Show” podcast.

But that’s not all it takes.

Cuban has also noticed three traits in billionaires that he’s seen contribute to financial success, according to the podcast. And all three are habits anyone can adopt. Here’s what Cuban’s noted billionaires have in common.

Eric McCandless | ABC | Getty Images Mark Cuban

1. They are constant learners

His number one answer? “The desire to always learn.”

2. They are skilled at sales

Up next, Cuban says billionaires are usually top notch at “knowing how to sell.” To him, no matter what you’re selling, it is crucial to know how to convince people of something’s worth.

3. They put in the effort

“I tell people all the time, the one thing in life you can control is your effort,” Cuban says. He looks to “Bill Gates back in the day, or Steve Ballmer or Michael Dell,” as examples of success from effort.

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