These 5 tips can help you save money on groceries

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Is your grocery bill getting bigger and bigger each week?

Merry about Town blogger Merry Kuchle joined Global Calgary on Thursday with five tips for cutting back on your grocery store spending.

1. Pick your grocery store wisely

“If you go in and you feel like you’re at a spa, you’re probably paying too much for your groceries,” Kuchle warned.

“I always say ‘you have to decide what’s important to you,’” she added, saying you’ll often pay more for extra perks like having your bags packed for you.

“If having someone bag your groceries is really important to you, then it’s worth it. To me, it’s not.”

2. Don’t become dedicated to any particular brand names

Instead of consistently purchasing the same brand name items, look for what is cheapest and what’s on sale.

“If you only eat this brand and this kind of soup – you’re going to pay for it,” Kuchle said.


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