Three People, Three Salaries: How They Spend and Save

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Ever wished you could peek at the spending habits of someone with the same salary as you? We asked three brave writers to reveal just that—their salaries, budgeting strategies, and financial goals for the year.

I’m a product marketing specialist for a company that produces flash based storage devices mainly for enterprise customers. Basically, I run the social media accounts and write a lot of content (product descriptions, catalogs, trade show booth banners, etc.). Here’s what my day is like.

My education level is a B.A. in Global Economics from University of California, Santa Cruz. Fortunately, my parents started saving for my educational expenses from the time I was born and I also worked for two years as a community assistant, so I didn’t have to pay for housing or meal plans during that time. I have made an extreme effort not to incur any debt since I had the fortune of not having student loans.

I rent a three-bedroom, two-bath apartment with two housemates. The rent is split proportionally based on how much space each person has. I have the smallest bedroom and don’t have a private bathroom so I pay the least amount in rent ($725 of $2315). We evenly split deposit ($600 at both places) and all utilities ($200/month) which includes water, gas, electricity, trash, and cable/internet. I pay about $40/month for my cell phone bill.

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