Wise Travel: Tips to Help Families Save Money While Traveling

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Be sure to have an open mind about saving tips to incorporate into your traveling.

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Parents know traveling with the whole family can get expensive. That bank account can start looking pretty small, and it only gets smaller as the year goes on. Families throughout the country say they can spend more than $500 during Thanksgiving alone, so traveling cheaply is wise.

Now, the only thing parents have to do is figure out how to make family travel smarter and less grueling on the family’s bank account. There are a number of things that can be done beyond what may be obvious to you, such as engaging in extreme savings.

Purchase Passes

One way to reduce travel expenses is to purchase year passes to things like theme parks or other similar locations. This year passes may seem expensive, but they end up paying for themselves after two or three trips. It is an easy way to make sure your family is entertained, especially if you know where your family is going to go that year.

Overlook Traditions

Another way that families can save is if they overlook traditions, even though this might be a little hard to do at first. For example, skipping holidays like Christmas and traveling after New Year’s might be a good idea.

Most families spend their resources and usually finish traveling by January, which is something airlines know. You might get better traveling deals after the holidays, so consider re-arranging family trips around this if you can deal with a change of traditions.

Self-Rewarding Travel

Smart families should pay attention to card rewards programs. Every card company wants you to perform transactions with their cards because each of these transactions equals profits for them.

One way these card companies get Americans to use their cards is by splitting a fraction of their profits with their customers through rewards programs. The key is to make sure you find the best Travel Rewards that you can to enjoy some of the savings using trustworthy sites like Effectify to find them.

Be Unconventional

Okay, many families are already traveling at unconventional times, but there are a number of other unconventional steps to take that may end up saving a family a little more money. For example, some families are ditching the typical tourist travel and choosing to eat out less on their travels. This means families are choosing efficiency motels or hotels instead of regular rooms because these rooms come with kitchenettes.

Furthermore, some families are using smartphone shared-economy apps to book stays in people’s homes. These homes usually come with access to a kitchen, making travel a lot cheaper. Some families are traveling with other families to share the costs. Group tickets can be cheaper, and the grown-ups in the group can take turns watching the kids for that much-needed break.

Give Kids Cash

It may not sound like a great idea at first, but consider giving kids cash for their treats and playthings for the week. Make sure you calculate the minimum that each kid is going to need.

You can start their budget at $5 with a $2 daily stipend or whatever seems fair. You will likely see your kids budget their money, which not only teaches them about money management but should save you money as well.

These are just some of the things a family can do each year to save on travel. Now, be sure to have an open mind about other saving tips to incorporate into your traveling. Talk to friends or even money management specialist to see if there are other steps that you have not already taken.

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